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I live in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and have made my living as a fine art photographer for the better part of a decade. When I’m not showing my work at my Canyon Road studio, I road trip with my husband, artist Kelly Moore, looking for wildlife and atmospheric western landscapes. We’re always searching for wonder, connection, a good story and a memorable moment.

Wild horses are my favorite subjects, and I’ve photographed them all over the West. Some of them live wild; others have survived round-ups and are living untamed on sanctuaries and private land. The longer I do this work, the more I love photographing the latter. I want to convey what will always be wild about them, even if they can’t be in their homeland. Wherever they are now, I want to honor their wild souls.

There is, sadly, less space for wildlife all the time, and less opportunity for us to see them in any sort of a natural setting. I’m happy if my images can bring any of their stories to light, and help others become more aware of the beauty, dignity and necessity of maintaining the wild.

I have a passion for wild animals struggling for their lives here in the United States, and being removed from their natural habitats. A percentage of proceeds from every equine photograph sale is donated to one of several mustang sanctuaries, and a percentage of proceeds from wolf images sold is donated to a wolf sanctuary.

Coins from the wishing fountain at my studio are matched by me and donated to wild horse rescue as well.

Photo by Kelly Moore

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